Julie Jarman

The Event

I suffered a most unexpected brain hemorrhage on 13/09/2007. I was unconscious for five weeks, in Canberra (Australia) Hospital for 5 months, and commenced a graduated return to work in July 2008 that ended mid-October 2008.

The hemorrhage was not a small one:

  • The head surgeon (a Dr. Chandran) described it as "massive" in the official paperwork,
  • He told my husband that he had never seen such an immense hemorrhage before, and
  • When I fronted for an appointment, he remarked with surprise on my impressive mental and physical recovery.

The Recovery Process

My recovery has been characterized by the following phases:

  • Intensive Care Unit (approx. 5 weeks)
  • Rehabilitation Ward 12B (approx. 4 months)
  • Community/home support (ongoing)
  • Graduated Return to Work 1 (GRTW) (approx. 3 months)
  • Full-time work (approx. 2 years)
  • GRTW 2 (ongoing)
  • Massage, acupuncture, and movement therapy (ongoing)

Without exception, I have succeeded at each stage — being regarded as an inspiration to others.

My Goals

Since coming to consciousness I have worked unerringly towards recovery of my pre-hemorrhage condition. I have been intensely aware of and committed to the goal of being "normal" again and for over four-and-a-half years now it has directed my every action and decision. I have taken charge of my own recovery and by all accounts it has been exceptional.

Thank you!


Julie Jarman