Sylvia Lawing

I am Sylvia Lawing, a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. I was involved in a four-car crash in 2008. This brought about a bittersweet transition in my life. My TBI forced me into early retirement from the healthcare field. I had to recreate my environment in order to survive. By assessing my strengths and talents and searching for my purpose, I redefined myself. I am coming to terms with having my life under construction. Life will never be the same again. Forever, my life will be divided into before and after.

The secret to survival is to realize that a loss is sometimes new beginning that you don’t recognize. Our stories are different, the circumstances unique. Yet, we share one common bond. We are Traumatic Brain Injury survivors or caregivers. My blogs were created to open avenues of communication about TBI. I hope to bring awareness to the public. You can help me to do this by sharing information and resources. Please visit my blogs. (To leave your comments, click on leave a reply at the end of the blog entry or click on the comment bubble at the top right of the entry).

Thank you-Sylvia