Leanne Shaw

Volunteers for the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association – Linda and Leanne Shaw

Leanne is a brain injury survivor. After a wreck in May, 2004, Leanne was a patient of the CIRU (Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) for three months. When she arrived, she was in a coma and had intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She had to relearn to use her muscles, speak, eat without choking, and to walk. The therapists were wonderful with her and with teaching us to be caregivers. Now Leanne is mostly back to her old self. She has a job speaking to Drivers Ed classes about safe driving, helps raise funds for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Georgia colleges' Dance Marathons, and visits children with brain injury at CHOA monthly. Without Children's Health Care of Atlanta, Leanne would still be in a vegetative state. Thank you CHOA.

- Linda Shaw

Leanne Shaw 2003
Leanne Homecoming 2003
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