Alex Diaz-Granados

My life with cerebral palsy began when I was born premature in early March of 1963. I was born eight weeks before my due date. When I was placed in an incubator in a Miami hospital's maternity ward, the attending nurse forgot to turn on the oxygen supply. As a result, I suffered irreversible damage to the motor control center of his brain and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy some months later.

Despite this, I have overcome many physical and emotional obstacles and am now a freelance writer for

I am also the author of Save Me the Aisle Seat:The Good, the Bad and the Really Bad Movies: Selected Reviews by an Online Film Reviewer, as well as the co-writer of an unproduced screenplay with actor-director Juan Carlos Hernandez.

I represent because I believe in their mission of providing quality cerebral palsy information and assistance to families in need.

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