Seminole Spirit

Last updated on 01-11-2017

Seminole Spirit
2017 Speech Language Self-Improvement Meetings

Kathy & Mike Peyton
This is Mike & Kathy Peyton. Kathy's legacy lives on with the Seminole Spirit, a speech language support group she co-founded with her ex-brain injured patient Mark Halvorsen. Mike Peyton is significant contributor the Seminole Spirit Group.

The Seminole Spirit Brain Injury Support Group has been a sanctioned group since January 2005. We meet every other Friday in Roswell Georgia at the North Brook Methodist Church at 50 Houze Way Road.

Mission Statement:

The Seminole Spirit Brain Injury Group is a Social Interactive Speech Language group that consists of brain injury survivors motivated to improve their communication and cognitive skills as well as support each other in a nurturing environment. The group also receives support from Speech Language Pathologists throughout the year to provide education on topics related to TBI and cognitive language skills and to assist them in developing activities to practice social communication and language skills in a nonclinical setting.


To help restore and support use of communication compensatory skills, provide education, and support individuals who have sustained an Acquired or traumatic brain injury through the recognition and encouragement of the human spirit through the journey of wellness and purpose.


  • Seminole Spirit Meetings led by a member who is a cofounder of the group.
  • Support provided by Speech Language Pathologists throughout the year via consulting with group leader, members, and providing education and support during some meetings.
  • Practice activities learned in group or individual therapy sessions attended by some members (some members attend therapy groups at Ga State University or other facilities).
  • Donations as voted and agreed upon for TBI and ABI Research Organizations.
  • All bi-weekly Seminole Spirit Meetings Videotaped for immediate feedback.
  • Inspirational speakers as needed.

The SEMINOLE SPIRIT 2017 Meeting Schedule

Fri Jan 6 Fri Feb 3 Fri Mar 3 Fri Apr 14 Fri May 12 Fri Jun 9
Fri Jan 20 Fri Feb 17 Fri Mar 17 Fri Apr 28 Fri May 26 Fri Jun 23
Fri Mar 31
Fri Jul 7 Fri Aug 4 Fri Sep 1 Fri Oct 13 Fri Nov 10 Fri Dec 1
Fri Jul 21 Fri Aug 18 Fri Sep 15 Fri Oct 27 Fri Dec 15
Fri Sep 29

We are a Toastmasters Speech Craft Group that works with brain injury survivors to improve their speech language articulation.

The Seminole Spirit meetings start with a BYO lunch at noon.