Life of Lois Daniels

I, Lois Daniels, had a challenge — a preordained challenge — to get my 36-year-old son Willie Daniels back on his feet after he was shot 7 times — 4 times in the head and the rest in the body. This happened 3 days after we buried my mother. It was hard on Willie but was challenging for me as well; having to have the patience to teach him all these things over again was hard work, destined for a real warrior of God.

Because if it wasn't for God working himself through me, my son wouldn't be where he is today. I decided that this obstacle would either make me or break me, and I wasn't going to allow it to break me. Now more than 8 years later, my son is on his feet and striving for independence, and I couldn't ask for a better life for my family and myself!

For more information go to Saints Keeping it Real on YouTube.