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Last updated on 03-21-2017
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Our Mission Statement:

The Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of and led by volunteers, is dedicated to providing the hope, support and resources necessary to help brain injury survivors and their families navigate the often difficult and confusing recovery process associated with brain injuries. ©

Our slogan:

We offer Hope, Support, Empathy, Education, and Information for hospitalized and rehabilitating brain injury survivors and their families, from someone who has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT. ©

Video camera Watch this YouTube video about how we got started!

The Brain Injury Peer Visitor Program was originally conceptualized by Ann Boriskie in December 2001. Ann started developing the program in January 2002, working with the local American Stroke Association, hospitals, and local organizations. Materials and training were developed over several years.

The Brain Injury Peer Visitor Program actually started in June 2006, began operating on September 30, 2006, and was modeled after the American Stroke Association's Peer Program for stroke patients and their families. The American Stroke Association, as part of the American Heart Association, gave the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Program written permission to use any and all of their materials, as needed, to develop its program.

This program is operated completely by unpaid volunteers. We have over 150 trained Brain Injury Peer Visitors, including Ann. We conduct Peer Visits in 41 Hospitals and Rehabilitation Facilities in the Atlanta metropolitan area and throughout Georgia — as well as in Florida — and we also conduct Peer Visits via telephone and email. Our Peer Visitors conduct visits with brain injury survivors and/or their families and/or their caregivers, and even with their friends.

As of December, 2016,
42,382 total Peer Visits were made
in hospitals, facilities, via the phone, and via email.

Year Peer Visits
2016 8,823
2015 7,891
2014 6,411
2013 5,476
2012 4,365
2011 3,405
2010 2,433
2009 1,688
2008 1,107
2007 662
2006 121

Ann and the team have donated over 39,625 volunteer hours
and thousands of miles on the road.

The need for our help is real. Our Peer Visitors are trained brain injury survivors and/or their loving families and/or caregivers, who are warm, caring, ready, and willing to help.

Read more in the VOLUNTEER NEWS, February 2010 (PDF) — a newsletter for the Shepherd Auxiliary & VolunteersFormer patients and family members comfort and support peers.

Ann and the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association were featured in a wonderful Volunteer Profile in Shepherd Center's Spring 2010 Spinal Column magazine (PDF)!

Click here to read the latest edition (PDF) of the Spinal Column!

Our Logo Explained

Our logo is a Registered Trademark of the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association.

Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association® logo
  • The brain:
    • Is depicted with a bright light and glow, to show hope, peace, and to represent the energy needed to improve and heal.
  • The color purple:
    • Is a calming, peaceful color — psychologically, when a person sees purple he/she becomes more at ease or relaxed.
    • In the Bible, represents royalty, something of great value.
    • In ancient times was made from the dye of a very rare shellfish.
  • The aura around the head:
    • Represents a positive, spiritual light which represents hope and healing.
    • Is an angelic glow (we each have help with our fight to improve and to get better).
  • The Celtic braid surrounding the head:
    • Typically represents unity between two things — a shared experience. (Appropriate to represent Peer Visitation — helping rehabilitate through a shared understanding of what the survivor is going through.)