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this month: Stroke Prevention and Rehabilitation at Home
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May 2011 Newsletter
Practicing Prevention, Realizing Rehabilitation
Peter Tourian
Founder and CEO, SYNERGY HomeCare

The families we serve know the round-the-clock nature of caregiving, especially for loved ones with long-term disability after stroke. For stroke patients and family caregivers alike, it is important to look forward and celebrate milestones in the rehabilitation process.


Industry Outlook

Eight Everyday Stroke Risks
Everyday activities like drinking coffee or blowing your nose can cause sudden spikes in blood pressure, new research shows. The spikes could, in turn, lead to broken blood vessels in the brain -- or even a stroke.

Public Benefits to Help Pay for In-Home Care
If your loved one has very low income and few assets other than the home he or she lives in, the following benefit programs might pay a limited amount for providing in-home care.
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Resources on Strokes

Types of Stroke
Strokes can come in a few different forms. Learn about each kind of stroke and how they affect the body. You can also download animations of hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes.

TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)
Also called a mini stroke, a TIA is something to prevent and treat seriously.

Stroke Warning Signs

Keep on the lookout for these symptoms of stroke and what to do when a stroke happens.

A Family Meeting to Discuss Home Care
Casey Holstein and David Katz
SYNERGY HomeCare Metro New Jersey

Most senior parents want to remain in their home. Let them know in order for this to be a viable option it is important everyone understands what is important to them as far as their living situation so you can help plan for their future. Have them identify what is very important, somewhat important, or not important at all.

New Offices

Congratulations to the newest SYNERGY HomeCare location that opened in April 2011!

SYNERGY HomeCare of Jacksonville South
Robert Solomon - Jacksonville, FL
visit our website >> There a New Mom in Your Life?

Mother's day was May 8th and SYNERGY HomeCare wants to ensure that the new mom in your family - and her bundle of joy - receives the care and support they need.
Learn more about our specialized care package just for new moms.

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