Emily Beul


Emily Boer 2-23-2015Hello everyone! I'm still fresh in my recovery but I'm nearing my 2-year anniversary prior since my car wreck. March 8, 2013 my mom got the call that every parent dreaded. I was in a fatal car wreck and was hit broadside by a pickup truck. And I happened to be in my little 2-door Cavalier. I was life-flighted to the University of Columbia hospital. I was in a coma for 10-11 days and then brought to Rusk Rehabilitation. I ended up with a broken pelvis and a traumatic brain injury. So they helped me walk again! And helped me get my life back. Before my wreck, I was struggling with bulimia, anorexia & EDNOS (eating disorders not otherwise specified) and I was also in severe depression with drug use. I was also in an abusive relationship. Sounds crazy. I contemplated suicide. A lot. I can't recall my wreck but I sometimes think it was for suicide. But you know, I'm so very thankful for that wreck. I don't think of my past very often. I don't have time to do that. I have this new life to live. I have a great, wonderful boyfriend who loves me and is always there for me. We do almost everything together. We are both getting an apartment in June. And I've been working since October at my old job that I even had before the wreck! They wanted me back because the customers loved my personality. And smile. I've been making awesome accomplishments since the wreck. I'm still struggling with the ataxia in my right hand. But I'm slowly overcoming it. And I've stayed positive to push myself forward.